cable knit alpaca poncho
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Classic Alpaca Socks : Warm & Cozy Alpaca Socks

Classic Alpaca Socks : Warm and Cozy Alpaca Socks You may or not remember that one our first big Shabby Alpaca purchases was a HUGE [...]

Alpaca Boot Inserts: New Product Spotlight!

Alpaca boot inserts are an excellent way to keep your feet warm and dry! You already know that alpaca is WARM and in the winter, [...]

Peru 2017: The Story Behind the Collection

Peru 2017 When we booked our Peru 2017 tour, I figured it was a once in a lifetime event to acquire product for Shabby Alpaca. [...]

Cable Knit Fringed Baby Alpaca Poncho

  Our Fringed Baby Alpaca Poncho is one of our favorite Peruvian finds. While in Peru, we probably went into 100 different shops, maybe more...I [...]